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What is Verified 3-Way Matching (Beta)
What is Verified 3-Way Matching (Beta)
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The following workflow is only available to customers on the new Accounts Payable module (Beta). To identify which version of Accounts Payable you are using, see Which version of the Accounts Payable Module do I have?

What are the benefits of this feature?

The Verified 3-Way Matching feature ensures that your Accounting team pays for items that have already been received.

Where can I find this feature?

The toggle for this feature can be found under Customize AP Bill Form Page in Settings.

When toggled ON: Accounts Payable users can only create & submit bills for received items/quantities. This ensures bills created have been verified for a 3-way match.

When toggled OFF: Accounts Payable users can create & submit bills even if the items/quantities have not been received.

How to enable Verified 3-Way Matching

To enable/disable Verified 3-Way Matching, you must be a Superuser or have permission to access to Customize AP Bill Form.

  1. Navigate to SettingsCustomize AP Bill Form

  2. Toggle ON Verified 3-Way Matching

  3. You can enable Require Invoice number. When toggled ON, The Invoice Number becomes a required field.

How does it work?

Additional Information:

  • Check out the 3-Way Matching article for further information on what 3-Way Matching includes.

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