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  • How do I create a Bill in Procurify

  • Creating a Bill in Procurify

  • Creating an Invoice

  • How to make invoice

The following article includes a video and step-by-step instructions outlining how to create a Bill in Procurify. Functionality may differ for those with our new Accounts Payable module.


  1. Click on the + Request on the top navigation bar and click Bill or navigate to Accounts PayableCreate bill.

  2. Click Upload to attach an invoice or drag and drop the file into the upload area. (Must be PDF, JPG, or PNG files)

  3. To add items to the bill, select the Vendor using the drop-down then

    • Select the Purchase Order (PO) using the drop-down. The invoice date, due date, and line items will automatically populate when you select the PO.

    • To creat a bill without a Purchase order and/or to add bill items not associated with a PO in Procurify, click + New Item.

  4. Fill out the Bill details as applicable. The Invoice number is a required field. To edit or remove an item, use the [...] button.

  5. If you have applicable Cost Bill Custom Fields, select the Add Cost drop-down field at the bottom of the Bill.

  6. Select the applicable approver for this bill and click Submit. Note: Bills will not require an approver if your domain has enabled auto-approve for bills.

You've created a Bill in Procurify!

Note: At any time during the Bill creation process, you can click Save Draft to save the Bill, or click Cancel to return to the Manage Bills page.

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