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NetSuite Integration Overview
Updated over a week ago

What is the NetSuite Integration?

Our NetSuite Integration syncs the following master data from NetSuite to Procurify:

  • Vendors

  • Account Codes

  • Inventory Items (as Catalog Items)

Our integration also syncs the following from Procurify to NetSuite:

  • Bills, or

  • Purchase Orders and Item Receipt

What are the benefits of using our integration?

Integrating Procurify with NetSuite will:

  • maintain your NetSuite data as your true source of information for Vendors and Account Codes.

  • sync data to NetSuite, eliminating data entry errors.

NetSuite Integration Workflows

There are multiple workflows for our NetSuite integration and our team is ready to help you identify the best integration workflow for your organization's needs. Below are the most popular ways that our customers have their Procurify-NetSuite integration set up.

NetSuite Bill Sync

To set up this workflow, see How to set up Netsuite Bill Sync

NetSuite Purchase Order and Item Receipt Sync

The Inventory Catalog Sync automates the creation of catalog items in Procurify and updates inventory quantities in NetSuite when they are marked as received in Procurify.

Can I sync both Purchase Orders and Bills to NetSuite?

While it is possible to sync both Purchase Orders and Bills to NetSuite, we currently do not recommend this workflow as there are limitations that impact the procure-to-pay workflow. For more information, see this article.

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