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Welcome to our new Accounts Payable module (Beta)!
Welcome to our new Accounts Payable module (Beta)!
Updated over a week ago

Welcome to our new Accounts Payable module (Beta)!

The current Accounts Payable module lacks flexibility for multiple accounting processes. Our updated Accounts Payable module (currently still in Beta) provides more options for you to achieve your procurement and accounting outcomes.

How does the new Accounts Payable module improve my workflow?

Our new Accounts Payable module brings greater flexibility to accounting processes in Procurify, enabling you to

  • creating bills ahead of item receipt (performing 2-way match), and

  • make deposit payments.

This eliminates the need to create complicated workarounds/adjust purchase orders and receiving to achieve the above using our current Accounts Payable Module.

What's new in this update?

Bill Create updates

There are two major updates to the bill creation experience

1. The drop-down field for selecting POs will now display all open Purchase orders regardless of item receipt status. This allows you to select POs to make process invoices ahead of item receipt.

2. Line items added to a Bill now display an informational section stating the quantity received and the previously billed amount. This is also displayed to bill approvers.

2-way matching

The new AP module enables you to create bills for items that have not yet been received or fully received. This means that you no longer need to wait for an item to be received within Procurify to create a bill for it. Items can be billed by quantity or cost. For more information, see


The new AP module also provides a workflow to document deposit payment information when creating purchase orders and bills. For more, see:

Additional Information:

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