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What are Automatic Purchase Orders?
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What are Automatic Purchase Orders?

Procurify's Purchase Order feature automatically generates purchase orders for all order requests upon final approval. A separate purchase order will be created for each vendor in the approved request.

What are the benefits?

Auto Purchase Orders eliminate the need for manual PO creation, reducing time and effort in your procurement workflow.

Your organization will further benefit from Automatic POs if:

  • You do not need to edit Purchase orders before they are automatically created.

  • You do not need to combine orders requests to create consolidated Purchase Orders.

How does it work?

  1. The final approver will be informed that the PO will be automatically created upon approval.

  2. POs are automatically generated for each vendor using the sequential PO number.

    • The shipping method, shipping terms, and payment method are pulled from the Vendor details. The fields are left blank if vendor information is incomplete.

  3. Automatically created POs will remain open and ready to be received/auto-received for recurring items.

For order items with Vendors listed as OTHER (used when a desired vendor is not in the system,) a new Vendor will be created using the Vendor name provided.

POs created with Auto PO can be revised. Ensure to email the revised PO

Important information about Automatic Purchase Orders

  • E-mails are only automatically sent to the vendor when PO email automation is enabled.

  • Purchasers will NOT be notified of any POs that are auto-generated.

  • Automatic POs will not be generated for Order Requests exceeding 100 items.

  • The Bill To address will depend on the following:

    • If the final approver has a Home Location and Department set, it will follow its address.

    • If the final approver has none, it will follow the headquarters' address.

  • The Ship To address will follow the selected location of the order request.

If you are interested in enabling this feature, please contact a Procurify Representative or select Contact Us at the top-right of the webpage.

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