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How to edit a Purchase Order item
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  • Make changes to an Order Item within a PO

  • Edit a Purchase Order line item

  • This field cannot be edited after item has been approved.


  1. Navigate to Procure Purchase Orders from the left-hand navigational menu

  2. Locate and select the Purchase Order you would like to edit

  3. Scroll down and select the Revise P.O. button on the right-hand side

  4. Select the


    button beside the Order Item you would like to edit and select Edit

    • Within the window that appears, make the appropriate changes and then select the blue Save button

  5. Select the blue Save Purchase Order button in the bottom right-hand corner

Purchasers do not have access to edit the Item Name, Account Code, or Currency. If these need to be edited, reject the items and ask the requester to resubmit with the correct details.

Additional Information:

  • In order to successfully complete the following steps, you will require access to the Purchase Orders section within the app.

  • If you do not see the Revise P.O. button, the Purchase Order is likely closed. If this is the case you will need to select the Reopen P.O. button first

  • Please note that if the item you are editing is received or partially received, you will be unable to make changes to some of these fields. If this is the case, please see Why am I Unable to Edit the Cost of a Purchase Order Item?

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