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Procurify Managed Bill Payment
Updated over a week ago

Why we're changing how we do Bill Payments.

We are working on Consolidating Procurify's Bill Pay process. The upcoming advancements will streamline the Procure to Pay process by offering a single, intuitive Bill Pay experience. This new consolidation will eliminate confusion and simplify the Bill Pay process, allowing for the optimization of payment workflow and maximizing efficiency.

Upcoming changes to your Bill Pay experience as part of our ongoing efforts to improve our services.

As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance your experience, we're implementing some adjustments to certain features. Here's what you need to know:

Manage Payees

You will have the ability to access and modify vendor and credit card provider details, including their contact information, payment methods, and default tax rate. Additionally, you’ll be able to export a list of your payees.

Multi-bill Payments

You’ll have the ability to choose multiple approved bills from the same vendor and currency to consolidate into a single payment.

Payment Approval

You will be required to assign approvers who will review and either approve or deny immediate, scheduled, and overdue payments.

Printing ACH & Check Information

The option to "Print ACH" or "Print Check" inside the payment details page will no longer be available. This decision is based on the current usage of the feature, and we are exploring alternative solutions to enable you to send Check payments through our platform.

Voiding Checks

The functionality to “void a check” within the payment history for a check will no longer be available.

For those using the Pay Now Feature

Removal of Pay Now Feature

Currently, after creating a payment, you need to click "pay now" inside the manage payment page. We built this feature due to lacking payment approval support in the workflow. With our new updates that allow for payment approval, you will no longer be able to immediately make a payment, but rather be able to select the next day onward for payment processing. This change aims to provide more flexibility and control over your payments while accounting for the new payment approval feature.

We recognize that these changes may have an impact on your workflow, and we are dedicated to facilitating a seamless transition for you. If you have any inquiries or concerns, please feel free to contact our Support team or your Procurify Account Manager. How to contact the Procurify Support Team

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