Procurify Workflow Overview
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  • Procurify workflow, how to use Procurify and modules in Procurify.

Procurify ensures that your organization exercises intelligent spend management. When your team submits requests through Procurify, your organization can easily manage requisition and purchasing from beginning to end. Procurify supports managers, finance, and operations teams to keep track of budgets, navigate vendor relationships, and pay bills accurately.

The Request Module

There are 4 main types of requests within Procurify:

  • Order

  • Expense

  • Travel

  • Funds

The more team members are requesting Procurify, the better! This empowers your team to follow the correct process when it’s time to make their first request.

This article contains detailed information on how each request can be made, how to check the status of the requests, and how to duplicate or delete requests.

The Approve Module

Once you have created your Request, the request will go through the approval routing set up by your organization. The selected approver receives a notification when they have a new request to approve.

To avoid approval bottlenecks, please ensure your Approvers are familiar with the basics of Approving Procurify.

If you are curious about how your approval routing works, reach out to the organization's Procurify administrator!

The Procure Module

Once your order has been approved, it is time to create a purchase order. The Procure module displays a list of approved items for purchasers to negotiate with vendors to attain the best deal. The Procure module also creates a smooth workflow for your purchasers to create purchase orders.

In some cases, you may have Automatic Purchase Orders enabled.

The Receive Module

Once the PO is created, the receive section comes into play. When items from your PO are delivered, your team can mark the items as “pass” or “fail” within the Receive module against the PO and the shipping documents. This informs your organization that items have arrived in satisfactory condition.

You can mark items as “fail” if the item arrived damaged or the vendor delivered the incorrect item.

Some organizations assign their Requesters to receive items in Procurify, while others have dedicated receivers. To better understand how your account is set up, reach out to the organization's Procurify administrator!

The Accounts Payable Module

The Accounts Payable module is the final module in the procure-to-pay workflow. This module allows you to create, manage, and pay bills and integrate with your accounting system. Adopting Procurify’s Accounts Payable functionality will help your organization complete the purchasing process within Procurify with an easy transition into your accounting system.

Here are some helpful articles on Procurify's Accounts Payable module:

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