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FAQ: Bill Payments
Updated over a week ago

Can I pay a vendor using Bill Payments, if a Purchase Order was not created in Procurify?

Yes, Procurify supports paying vendors when a Bill is created in Procurify, even if there is not an associated Purchase Order.

How does Financial Account work with Spending Card Balance?

The Financial Account for Bill Payment is a separate pool of money.

Can I pay a Vendor in foreign currency?

We currently only offer payments in US Dollars. Stripe’s terms for Treasury Services explicitly prevent us from using Stripe to transfer funds outside the ‘Territory’ which is defined as the “Territory means the United States and its territories and protectorates.”

Can I pay a Bill through a wire transfer?

Currently, we do not offer wire transfer in Bill Payments.

How long does it take to fund the account?

It takes 3-5 business days once the ACH transfer is initiated.

Is an email notification sent to the vendor once payment has been submitted via Procurify bill payments?

No, currently, we don't have email notifications in place.

Is there a penny drop verification process?
There is no penny drop verification process. Once the vendor's financial details are added, a customer can start paying the vendor using the Procurify bill payments feature.

What’s included in Stripe’s restricted and prohibited business types?

Can I use Bill Pay if I need to pay from multiple different bank accounts?

Our payments partner, Stripe, only supports one payment method for each Procurify instance

When will Stripe add support for Canada?

We are unaware of when Stripe will add support for Bill Payments in Canada.

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