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How to setup Amazon PunchOut groups in Procurify
How to setup Amazon PunchOut groups in Procurify
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The following article outlines how to set up Amazon PunchOut groups in Procurify.

Best Practice: Ensure your payment method for the PunchOut is set up before completing the following PunchOut Setup.


  1. Navigate to Settings β†’ PunchOut Suppliers.

  2. Click the Set-up or View button for Amazon PunchOut.

  3. Select

  4. Enter a name for the PunchOut Groups. (Displayed when the requester access the PunchOut. The recommendation is to name the Group by Locations within Procurify).

  5. Select the appropriate PunchOut domain from the drop-down menu.

  6. Retrieve your Amazon PunchOut Credentials

      1. Open a new browser window and log into your Amazon Business Account.

      2. Hover your name/organization name in the top right and click Business Settings.

      3. Locate and Click Purchasing System near the bottom.

      4. Copy the "From Identity" in cXML and paste it into the Form Identity field in Procurify.

      5. Copy the "Shared Secret" in cXML and paste it into the Shared Secret field in Procurify.

      6. Copy the Purchase Order Request URL and paste it into the Purchase Order Request URL field in Procurify.

  7. Select the Requesters to assign access to Amazon PunchOut (All requesters are assigned by default)

      1. Select Edit

      2. If you wish to invite all users, click Select All. To add an individual user, type in the user's name in the search field and click the checkbox beside the user's name to add them)

      3. Select Save

  8. Select a Payment Method to be used for Amazon PunchOut orders

Success! After adding Amazon PunchOut groups to Procurify, you can disable test mode in your domain.

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