How to assign user locations
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This article refers to “Location” and “Department”. Your domain may have different labels due to custom organizational categories.

After creating a role and applying it to your user, locations must be applied to your users' roles. Locations determine which parts of the Procurify your users have access to, based on the locations set up in your Procurify domain.

Even if your company has only one location set up in Procurify, you must still assign it to your users before they can use Procurify.

Method 1: Manual Assignment

1. Navigate to Settings→ Manage Users and select the applicable user, and click Roles & Permissions.


2. The Locations to indicates how many locations are currently applied to that permission. Click it to apply locations to this permission.

  • Use the drop-down arrow next to each permission category to assign locations to detailed permissions.

3. In the popup, select the locations to apply to the permission, and click Assign Selected Locations.

  • use the Assign All Locations button to assign all locations to the selected permission.


4. After the locations have been assigned, the permissions button will be updated with the new number of assigned locations.


Method 2: Automatic Import

This method is only available on domains where granular permissions have been enabled. To learn more about Importing Data into Procurify, click here.

1. Navigate to Settings → Import Data.

2. Download the Permissions CSV template, make your adjustments, and re-upload into Procurify.

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