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How to update Receiving access within the Receive list by Location & Department
How to update Receiving access within the Receive list by Location & Department
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  • Restrict user access to the Receive List by Location and by Department.

  • Limit what Departments Order Items that a Receiver has access to.

The following article outlines how to limit what Department order items Receivers can access. If you can't access this feature, please contact a Procurify representative.

This article refers to “Location” and “Department”. Your domain may have different labels due to custom organizational categories.


You must be a Superuser or have custom access to Manage Users to perform the following steps.

      1. Navigate to SettingsManage Users

      2. Select the applicable User

      3. Click the Roles & Permissions tab.

      4. Ensure that the Receiver has the Receive permission.

        • If not, click Edit Permissions and select the Receive permission. Once the permission is added, you should see the Locations and Departments button next to the Receive permission:

      5. Ensure the applicable Locations are assigned for the Receive permission.

        • If not, Click Locations and select the applicable Locations, then click Assign Selected Locations.

      6. Click Departments for the Receive permission.

      7. Select the applicable Departments, then click Assign Selected Departments.

Once Location(s) and Department(s) are selected, the Receiver will only see Order Items from the Departments that they were assigned to.

Additional Information:

  • This feature must be enabled by a Procurify team member. If you do not see an "Assigned Departments" column next to the Assigned Locations, please reach out to a Procurify representative.

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