Is it possible to delete users?
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  • How can I delete inactive users from the application?

  • How to delete users

  • Deactivating users

  • How to remove users


If an employee leaves the company, you can deactivate them in Procurify.

Inactive user profiles remain on the Manage Users β†’ Inactive tab, where you can activate them again later.

Users cannot be deleted/removed from the domain as this would impact historical data.

How to Deactivate Users:

  1. Select Settings β†’ Manage Users

  2. Select the applicable user

  3. Click the 3-dot options button to the right of the user's name

  4. Click Deactivate User

Additional Information:

  • NOTE: if the user is an Approver, all orders/expenses must be approved/rejected before the user can be deactivated. If the user does have items pending approval, set up Approval Delegation to process their remaining approvals.

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