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How to create a Procurify template for export to Xero
How to create a Procurify template for export to Xero
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  • Creating a Procurify Template

Create a Procurify Template for Export: This process will only need to be completed once. After you've created the template, you'll be able to easily access and export this template every time you wish to import Bills into Xero.


  1. Navigate to SettingsExport Data

  2. Select Prepare CSV next to Bills

  3. Select the dropdown Format Type and select + Create New Format

  4. Select the gear icon and select Deselect All

  5. Type in the field Format Name. Example: Xero

  6. Click the gear icon again, and select the following columns: Vendor, Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Invoice Due Date, Quantity, Unit Amount, and Account Code.

  7. Click into the Vendor field, and update the name Vendor to ContactName.

  8. Click into the Invoice Due Date field, and update the name Invoice Due Date to DueDate.

  9. Click into the Unit Cost field, and update the name Invoice Unit Cost to UnitAmount.

  10. Once complete, the template should like this:

  11. Additionally, you can add optional information. Please review the following article for further details. If you're ready to export the data, select Create Format.

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