How to change the Vendor within a PO
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  • Change Vendor name from a PO that's already been created.

  • Adjust the Vendor within an existing PO.

  • Can I change the Vendor after a Purchase Order has been created


The Purchase Order (PO) will need to be canceled, which will return the items to the Procurement screen. At that point, a new PO must be created for the correct Vendor. If the items have been received, the items will need to be unreceived first. Review this article for detailed instructions.

  1. Go to Procure β†’ Purchase Orders.

  2. Find the PO you want to change and select it

  3. Scroll down and select the red Cancel PO button. This action will put the items back in Procurement.

  4. Go back to Procure β†’ Procurement.

  5. Find the item(s) from the PO you just canceled and check the boxes beside them.

  6. Select the drop-down above the item(s) within your Purchasing List.

  7. Select the correct vendor name.

  8. Select the blue Create Purchase Order button.

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