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How to cancel a Purchase Order that has received items
How to cancel a Purchase Order that has received items
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To cancel a P.O. that has items that have already been received, three steps need to be completed:

    1. The item(s) has/have to be unreceived.

    2. The P.O. needs to be canceled.

    3. The item(s) need/s to be rejected.

Note: When you cancel a re-opened PO, the items previously received will not return to the Procurement List.

Let's begin! Please follow these steps:

1. If the P.O. is closed, you will need to reopen it by going to Procure → Purchase Orders →Closed. Go into the P.O. you want to cancel, and click Reopen P.O. It's located at the bottom of the PO. ​

2. After the P.O. has been reopened, we need to unreceive the items. To do this, select the button View receive PO details

3. Select the menu button, which looks like three dots, and select Receive Logs.

4. In the new window that pops up, select the options menu button and click on Remove Log Item to unreceive the item(s). This will set the line item quantity to 0.

Note: All received items must be removed from a P.O. before they can be canceled.

5. Once all items have been unreceived, go back to the P.O. by selecting the button View PO details.

6. Scroll to the bottom of the PO and select Cancel PO. A pop-up window will appear; select Confirm to finish the cancellation.

Once the P.O. is canceled, the item can be rejected in the Procure tab.

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