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How to enable PO email automation
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  • The following article outlines how to enable PO email automation in your Procurify account.

What is PO email automation?

PO Email Automation allows you to automatically email purchase orders to your vendors when the purchase order is created. You can select which vendors to set up PO email automation for.

What are the benefits?

You no longer need to manually email POs. This eliminates data entry errors with email addresses and and missed emails if a purchaser forgets to email the vendor.

How to enable PO Email Automation

1. Navigate to ProcureVendors.

2. Select the Vendor you wish to enable this feature for.

3. Click the options button

under Vendor Information and select Edit Vendor. Enter the email of the Vendor in the Email Recipients field and select Submit. It is possible to add multiple emails to each Vendor.


4. Each Vendor will have a PO Vendor Automation toggle. Locate and select the toggle to Yes, so it appears green.


PO email automation has now been enabled for this vendor. For accounts with automatic email enabled, the purchase order will automatically be sent to the vendor's emails listed in vendor settings immediately after the purchase order is created.

For accounts with automatic purchase orders, any time a request has been approved, a PO will automatically be created an email will be sent to the Vendor with the PO.


If you open the PO created and sent, you will see information at the top right-hand corner of the PO regarding the Latest email sent to the vendor. If you select the See more link, you can see the entire email log.



If the vendor email is incorrect or no longer in use, what happens?

The purchaser will get an email stating that the PO wasn’t delivered because the address wasn’t found/unable to receive the email

How will I know that an email failed?

The failure status will appear in the audit log and the preview window on the PO page that showcases the most recent email statuses.

Additional Information:

  • Any revisions made to the purchase order will need to be sent to the Vendor manually after the update has been made.

  • It is currently not possible to bulk manage which vendors for PO email automation.

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