How to troubleshoot NetSuite Purchase Order sync errors
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  • Troubleshooting NetSuite PO syncing issues

  • Best Practices for Configuration problems with PO syncs

The following article outlines Troubleshooting steps to resolve NetSuite errors when Purchase Orders (POs) don't sync. POs with sync failures will not automatically retry sync every schedule. The user needs to navigate to error resolution and hit retry.


  1. In NetSuite navigate to Navigation Procurify → Configurations → Error Resolution.

  2. Read the Error Message to determine the root cause of the issue. For example, the error message may indicate an issue with the Department, Vendor, Item, Location, etc. Often the root cause is related to the PO attributes, which do not exist in Netsuite. Therefore, the fix will need to occur in Procurify. Try to resolve the root cause of the error and then select the Retry button. View below: Reasons why a PO has failed to sync to NetSuite.

  3. If the root cause is not known and it is something that cannot be resolved, a second option is to create a new Request for Order and PO which will sync to Netsuite. PO's which are not synced to NetSuite can be closed in Procurify.

Reasons why a Purchase Order has failed to Sync to NetSuite:

Once you've determined the root cause of the issue based on the error messaging, check below to see if any of the error messages match the issue listed below:

  1. If the Purchase Order (PO) is paid with a Credit Card, the PO will be omitted from the sync. Ensure that the Pay with credit card field has not been selected.

  2. The user and password information for the sync is incorrect. Ensure information matches between the Superuser User Account used for sync in your Procurify domain and your NetSuite Procurify Bundle configuration.

  3. Unable to find subsidiary using filter. This is a mapping error. Please contact your Procurify representative.

  4. The “Import From” date in NetSuite is outside of the Purchase Orders date.

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