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How to enable and set up Vendor Approval
How to enable and set up Vendor Approval
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What is Vendor Approval

Vendor approval is a process that enables purchasers and requesters to submit vendors for approval to be added to the system for ordering.

What are the benefits?

Compliance: The Vendor Approval process ensures that vendors meet specific compliance criteria, helping organizations adhere to regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Time & Efficiency: Procurify’s Vendor Approval process streamlines the procurement process by pre-approving vendors, which minimizes the need for repeated evaluations for each purchase. This saves time in the vendor selection process, as the pool of approved vendors is readily available.

Cost Control: Pre-approved vendors are typically selected based on their needs to meet the organizations budgetary constraints. By selecting a vendor from the pre-approved list, there is a higher likelihood of staying within the budget limits and avoiding unplanned expenditures.


How to Enable Vendor Approval.

  1. Open settings

  2. Select Manage Approval Routing

  3. Select the Vendors tab

  4. Toggle to ON

How to set up an Approval Routing

  1. Click +Add Approver

  2. Select Level for approver

  3. Assign an approver from the drop-down list.

  4. Click Add Approver.

Additional Information:

  • Vendor Approval bypasses vendors added via CSV imports and direct integrations. When Vendor Approval is enabled and an approval routing is configured, any vendors created through CSV imports or direct integrations will be automatically added without requiring additional approvals.

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