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How to Request a new Vendor for approval
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Note: A requester would need to select "OTHER" as a vendor prior to these steps.
The following process can only be completed by those with Procurement Access.

    1. Select the Procure tab from the left panel

    2. Open Procurement

    3. Locate the request, you can spot a new vendor request by seeing "OTHER" in the vendor column

    4. Add the request to the procurement list

    5. Click Request new vendor

    6. Fill in all vendor details and ensure you include the reason for the new vendor request

    7. Once all vendor information has been filled in, click confirm to submit for approval

Alternatively, this process can be done by the purchaser, no request order is needed for this process:

  1. From the home screen select the Procure tab

  2. Click Vendors

  3. Click the + Request vendor

  4. Fill in all vendor details

  5. Click Confirm

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