How to disable vendor creation
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You can prevent requesters from suggesting new vendors by enabling Disable Vendor Creation.

By default, new vendors can be added to a domain in 4 different areas:

  • Order request creation

  • Purchase order creation

  • Vendor section in the Purchase Module

  • Bill creation

When vendor creation is disabled:

  • The Other option is removed from order request creation. Requesters must select an existing preferred vendor.

  • Purchases must create purchase orders by selecting an existing Vendor.

What are the benefits?

Disabling vendor creation will:

  • Reduce vendor discrepancies and sync errors between Procurify and your accounting software.

  • Eliminate time spent on correcting vendors during the PO creation stage.

  • Eliminate the creation of duplicate vendors.

This is ideal for organizations that

  • Integrate Procurify with your accounting software and sync vendors to Procurify.

  • Want more control over where and how vendors are added.

Note: Vendors can only be added to the domain via import.

How to disable vendor creation

  1. Contact a Procurify representative to request the disable vendor creation toggle on your domain.

Once enabled on your domain. Users can no longer create vendors from the Request or Purchaser screens.

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