What is self-approval?
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What is self-approval and how does it work?

How do I disable self-approval?


Self-approval allows Approvers to approve their requests. Approvers must be assigned to the applicable approval group to self-approve their requests.

Self-approval is enabled by default; it is a global domain setting, and it cannot be applied to specific users.

Important: Self-approval is not available for domains with multiple approval routing sequences.

Disabling Self-Approval

To disable Self-approval, please advise your Superuser to contact a Procurify Representative.

When disabled, and the Requester is a (Level 1) Approver, the request will automatically route to a Level 2 Approver and skip Level 1. This is true even when there are multiple Approvers at level 1.

However, if there are no Level 2 Approvers and multiple Level 1 Approvers, the order request will go to an alternate Level 1 Approver.

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