How to import Approvers
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  • Importing Approval Routing Users

The following article outlines how to add additional User(s) to existing Approval Routing and update existing user Approval Routing permissions.

Note the following before beginning the import process:

  • You must have at least 1 Approval Group in the system to upload Approvers.

  • Every location, department, and email must be the same as the information entered in the system to map successfully.

  • The user will automatically be assigned to Approve permission if added to an Approval Group.

  • ALL entries on this template must be in order according to their Location, Department, and Level. Due to customization, your interface text may differ. In this article, we are using the default labels Location and Department. Learn more here.


1. Navigate to Settings → Manage Approval Routing → select the down arrow beside Export CSV and select Approvers

  • Alternatively: Navigate to Settings → Import Data →Import CSV File next to Approvers

2. Select the Import Approvers CSV button and select Download Template.

Within Excel, you will see the template below:

  • Group Name: Name of the Approval Group that you would like to assign Approvers to.

  • Email: The email must match a user already existing in the system. Otherwise, it will not work

  • Level: The Level indicates which level an Approver should be assigned to. If a Level 1 Approver exists in the system, and you wish to insert a Level 3 Approver on import, they will become Level 2 instead, as it does not skip levels.

  • Threshold: This indicates the threshold that an Approver can approve up to

  • Action on Duplicate:

    • Option 1: Leave this field blank if permissions have never been assigned to this user

    • Option 2: Type Keyword IGNORE if you want to ignore the row

    • Option 3: Type Keyword UPDATE if you want to update the users' approval permissions

    • Option 4: Type Keyword DELETE to remove the approver from the approval chain

4. Fill out the required columns and save the file to your computer.

5. When complete, return to Settings → Import Data and select Import Approvers CSV. Select Browse & Upload CSV. If completed properly, you will see a success screen.

  • If there were any errors, make the required changes before re-uploading the CSV.

Additional Information:

  • You will require access to Settings to complete the following steps.

  • It is good practice to download the latest template when looking to upload

  • If you have an existing Approval Routing, it is good to export that information initially so you can copy data from there to ensure the names of Locations/Departments are correct, and you can see the layout of the existing Approval Routing set-up.

  • Problems during upload can be troubleshot quickly by trying Location or Department at a time or a few lines simultaneously. This helps limit the scope of your upload and will help to identify the issues sooner.

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