Requester Basics
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What are you able to do as a Requester in Procurify?

As a requestor you can

Dashboard Overview

The dashboard displays a summary your requests, including: Recent Activity, Recent Comments, and Pending Items

Order Request

Need to request for an order? How to create an Order Request.

Travel Request

Expense Request

Expense reports are used for off-contract spending and other materials your organization doesn’t buy as often. How to create a Request for Expense.

Check the status of your requests

In Procurify, it's easy to check the status of your requests. Each of their status pages will show you all your Pending, Approved, and Denied requests. Check your Request Status here.

  1. Click on Request, then select Order, Travel, or Expense.

  2. The Order Status page will show all your orders. Different tabs break down what status the order is in.

  3. Find and select the Request you want to check

Duplicate an order

Do you have a recurring order? Use the replicate order functionality to replicate your orders.

Delete an order

Turns out that you don’t need the order you’ve submitted. Don't worry; if your request is still pending, you can delete it!

Note: Requests that have passed through approvals cannot be deleted.

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