How to submit an Expense Request
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The following article outlines how to submit a Request for Expense.

What is an Expense Request?

Expense Requests are used to request reimbursements and track transactions on company cards.

For example, Expense Requests are submitted after you make a purchase:

  • with your own funds and you need to be reimbursed, or

  • on a company card (for your accounting team to track and reconcile transactions)

With Expense Requests, you can indicate the type of expense and enter details, such as airline/flight numbers for air travel, distance for mileage, tip/tax on meals, etc.


You can easily attach a receipt to a request on the Procurify Web and on the Procurify mobile app.

How to submit an Expense Request/Report:

  1. Click + Request

    at the top-right and select Expense

  2. Enter a Title, Location, Department, and if applicable, Travel Ticket, and Purpose

  3. Click + Add expense item

  4. Fill in the expense details and use the File button

    to upload any receipts/attachments.

  5. Click the 3-dot options button

    then Edit Expense Line for more options to enter in expense type.

    • Click Other

      to select the Expense type. This will change the options for entering details relevant to the request type.

    • Click Save.

  6. Repeat Steps 3-5 to add other expenses for this expense request/report.

  7. Ensure the correct Approver is selected, and click Submit.

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