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Accruals: How to Export Accrual Items
Accruals: How to Export Accrual Items
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Accruals are adjustments for revenues and expenses that have been earned but are not yet recorded in the accounts. Accruals need to be added by adjusting the entries so that financial statements report these amounts. Due to customization, your interface text may differ. In this article, we are using the default labels Location and Department. Learn more here.

  1. Select Accounts Payable

  2. Go to Spend Reports

  3. Select Accruals

  4. Click on Export CSV All Items

  5. Select your preferred format Xero or Procurify.

  • Xero is designed to work with Xero accounting software. Select Xero and Enter the accrual date, accrual expense. Click Prepare CSV. If using the Xero export, you can import this .csv file directly into Xero to keep track of your accruals.

  • Select Procurify and Prepare CSV if you are looking for additional export information. The Procurify format has additional fields, and the column headers in the exported file match the labels we give items inside the app. The fields include:

    • PO ID

    • PO Line Number

    • Vendor

    • Description

    • Location

    • Department

    • Account Code

    • Date Received

    • Total Cost

    • Currency

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