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Syncing Chart of Accounts to Procurify (Master Data Sync)
Syncing Chart of Accounts to Procurify (Master Data Sync)
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For more information on whether this article applies to you, please see Master Data Sync for accounting integrations

If you choose to sync Account Codes through Master Data sync, all account codes will be synced from your Accounting Software/ERP and will be linked to all departments by default, and will have the Account Code Type set to "Asset."

You cannot select which chart of accounts to sync to Procurify

What type of Chart of Accounts and Data Points are synced to Procurify?

The following account types are synced:

  • Active accounts

  • Parent accounts

  • Child accounts

  • Grandchild and more level grandchild accounts (synced and flattened as level 1 child accounts in Procurify)

  • Child accounts from Summary accounts (will be synced as a parent account in Procurify)

The following are not synced to Procurify

  • Summary accounts

  • Deactivated/Archived accounts

  • Deleted accounts

The following Data points are synced with Account Codes:

  • Account Code Number

  • Account Code Name/Description

The following Data points are not synced with Account Codes:

  • Departments

  • Expense type


  • If a Child account code is moved to a different Parent account code, this change will not be synced. You must manually delete the child code in Procurify.

  • If a Parent account code is deactivated, archived, or deleted, its child account will remain in Procurify. You must manually delete the applicable account codes in Procurify.

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