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Syncing Vendors to Procurify (Master Data Sync)
Syncing Vendors to Procurify (Master Data Sync)
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This article applies to specific accounting integrations, for the more information please see the main article: Master Data Sync for accounting integrations

If you choose to sync Vendors through Master Data sync, all active Vendors will be synced to Procurify and will be set as Preferred Vendors (excluding PunchOut Vendors).

What vendor information is synced in Master Data?

The following data points will be synced:

  • Vendor name

  • Email

  • Address

  • Phone number

The following Data points are not synced:

  • Preferred status

  • PO email automation setting

  • Payment terms

  • Shipping methods

  • Shipping terms

  • PDF Label Set

  • Other contact information

  • Default vendor tax rate

  • Vendor payment details are not synced to Procurify

You can either manually edit in Vendor Settings, or you can update Vendors in bulk.

Additional Information:

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