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Syncing Vendor and Account Codes between NetSuite and Procurify (PO and Inventory Sync)
Syncing Vendor and Account Codes between NetSuite and Procurify (PO and Inventory Sync)
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  • Updating Vendor or Account Code information

  • How fast will Vendors and Account Codes sync?

The following article only pertains if you are syncing Purchase Orders and/or Inventory from Procurify to NetSuite. For more information, see NetSuite Integration Overview.

What happens if I update Vendor and Account Codes in NetSuite?

Any relevant Vendor and Account code information updated in NetSuite will sync to Procurify. If you change the Vendor name or Account Code in NetSuite, the integration will update the original entry.

For more information, please see Configuring NetSuite Outbound Data Flows.

Note: Deactivating the vendor in NetSuite will not delete the vendor from Procurify. If you remove the subsidiary for the vendor record while "Sync to Procurify" is checked, it will delete the vendor in Procurify.

Note: Ensure to uncheck Sync to Procurify for PunchOut Suppliers as these pre-exist in Procurify. If the Sync to Procurify checkbox is checked and the vendor is saved, NetSuite will show a Procurify - Sync Error banner as shown below. This is due to the vendor being prevented from syncing. It will not affect the Integration, i.e. regularly scheduled Vendor syncs.

How often will new Vendors & Account Codes sync from NetSuite to Procurify?

Instantaneous upon saving as a single event and the user selects 'save and execute.' Or based on a set schedule. The schedule can be set up to sync every 15 min, 1 hour, or 24 hours.

Note: For customers who are currently using a NetSuite sandbox for testing purposes, the scheduled sync option does not apply. During testing, you will need to use the Save & Execute option.

What happens if I add new Account Codes or Vendors in NetSuite that already exist in Procurify?

Pre-existing Vendor in Procurify

If a Vendor already exists in Procurify and a Vendor with a matching name is then created in NetSuite and marked to Sync to Procurify, the integration will link the Vendor, using NetSuite as the information source (address, contact, terms, etc) and will overwrite information in Procurify.

Important: PunchOut Vendors should be created in NetSuite with the name copied from Procurify but not marked for Sync.

Pre-existing Account Code in Procurify

If an Account Code already exists in Procurify and the same Account Code (number) is then created in NetSuite and marked as Sync to Procurify, the integration will link the Account Code, using the Account Code Name in NetSuite to overwrite the Account Code name in Procurify.

Important: Department Assignation and Type of Account remains untouched. Note that Type of Account mismatches could cause future issues - care should be taken to ensure that account Types match with those from NetSuite.

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