What is Master Data Sync?
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Note: The following article does not apply NetSuite Purchase Orders Sync and QuickBooks Desktop.

What is Master Data Sync?

Master Data Sync is the component of Accounting Integrations that syncs the following from your Accounting Software/ERP to Procurify.

Master Data can be synced from the following Accounting Software/ERPs:

What are the benefits?

Master Data Sync ensures that your Accounting Software/ERP is your true source of information for your Chart of Accounts and Vendors.

This reduces the risk of sync errors and discrepancies in fiscal reporting and ensures that all changes made to vendors and account codes in your ERP/Accounting system are reflected in Procurify.

Important: If your Accounting Integration syncs Master Data, ensure that new entries and edits for Vendors and Account Codes are completed in your Accounting Software/ERP and not directly into Procurify.

How to access Master Data Sync Settings:

  1. Navigate to Settings โ†’ Integrations

  2. Click on the applicable card for your integration

On this page, you will find tabs to access master data sync settings for Chart of Accounts and Vendors, for example:

Scheduled Sync

When you enable scheduled sync, data will be synced from your Accounting Software/ERP to Procurify. After the initial sync, the system will look for updates hourly. If there are any updates, the system will perform a sync.

You have the option to:

  • sync only Chart of Accounts or Vendors

  • pause/unpause scheduled sync

The following status will be displayed for data entries:

  • Created - An entry has been created/synced

  • Updated - An entry has been updated during the sync.

  • Deleted - An entry has been removed during sync due to an entry being removed/deactivated/archived in your Accounting Software/ERP

  • Failed - An entry was recognized but has failed to sync in Procurify.

Data Sync can fail due to the name being too long, invalid name format etc.

Additional Information:

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