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How to Sync Account Codes from NetSuite to Procurify via CSV import
How to Sync Account Codes from NetSuite to Procurify via CSV import
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  1. Download Chart of Account .csv from NetSuite by Navigating to Lists > Accounting > Accounts

  2. Click the Export - CSV button (grey page icon near the top left)

  3. Open the downloaded CSV in Excel

  4. Delete first 5 rows before the Headers row

  5. Remove any lines containing Accounts that you won’t want to sync to Procurify

  6. Add a column called Sync To Procurify

  7. Enter TRUE for all lines

  8. Save the CSV file

  9. In NetSuite, navigate to Setup > Import/Export > Import CSV Records

    Import Type: Accounting
    Record Type: Chart of Accounts
    CSV File: Select One File to Upload

  10. Select the CSV file you just saved

  11. Click Next > Update > Next

  12. Double check the Field Mapping, NetSuite should have automatically matched the columns in the file

  13. Click Next

  14. Enter information to Import Map Name (suggested “Sync Accounts to Procurify”)

  15. Click Save & Run

The accounts marked as TRUE under column Sync to Procurify via this method will sync via the next scheduled Account sync from our bundle configuration. The sync can also be manually executed from the bundle configuration.

Note: This does not take into consideration if the Account marked to Sync to Procurify is a sub account - ensure you also mark any applicable parent account to Sync to Procurify. Once synced, accounts also need to be assigned to Departments in your Procurify Chart of Accounts before they’re available for use.

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