How to import Account Codes
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  • Is there a mass import for Account Codes? Can I upload various Account Codes all at once? Apply Account Codes to specific Locations and Department

We recommend only uploading a max of 200 lines of data at a time. If you have more than 200 lines of data, we suggest uploading your data in batches.

In this article, we refer to “Location” and “Department”. Your domain may have different labels due to custom organizational categories. Learn more here.

Important: If you sync account codes from an accounting software/ERP (e.g. NetSuite, QuickBooks Desktop), ensure to add your account code to your accounting/ERP software and not directly to Procurify.

You must be a Superuser or have custom permission to Import Data Settings.


  1. Navigate to Settings → Import Data

  2. Next to Chart of Accounts (Account Codes), click Download Template

  3. Fill out the required columns and save the file to your computer. Review the table below for a definition of each column and an example.

  4. On the Settings imports page, next to Chart of Accounts (Account Codes), click Import CSV File

  5. Click Upload and select the file.

  6. Click Import.


Procurify supports 2 tiers of account codes. If you have more than two tiers, consolidate the structure into a two-tiered system.

For subcodes, the parent codes must be created in a preceding row. For example,

We recommend limiting Account Codes to 40 characters. Account codes longer than 40 characters may be truncated in some displays.

The Location and Department columns will assign the Account Code to a Location/Department. If you wish to apply to all locations and/or all departments, use the keyword **ALL** (with the asterisk) to mass apply.

To apply an account code to multiple Locations and Departments, please use multiple rows. For example,

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