Execute a one-time sync of Account Codes from NetSuite
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The following article is part of a series on connecting NetSuite to Procurify. This article does not pertain to our integration that only syncs Bills to NetSuite. For more information, see NetSuite Integration Overview.

Important: When syncing sub Account Codes, sync the parent Account Code first, or the sub-account will not sync. Procurify only supports a two-tiered chart of accounts. If an Account Code already exists in Procurify, NetSuite will override the existing Account Code. As a best practice, add the Account Code in NetSuite first, then sync to Procurify.

1. Within NetSuite, hover over the Lists tab → Accounting and select Accounts


2. Select Edit next to the Account Code to sync to Procurify

3. On the right-hand side select the Sync to Procurify checkbox


4. Select Save. You've successfully synced your Account Code to Procurify. Repeat this process for each Account Code you would like to sync.


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