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How to set up groups within Amazon PunchOut
How to set up groups within Amazon PunchOut
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Setting up multiple groups allows for differing payment methods, Locations, and permission settings. It is possible to connect various Amazon Business accounts to a single Procurify domain user group. If you have multiple locations in Procurify and each location has a unique payment method, an Amazon group must be created for each Location. Setup instructions are the same for each Amazon group. Read the instructions below, and create a new group for each Amazon Business account.

Setting up Groups in Amazon Account

1. Log in to your Amazon account as an administrator.

2. Hover your mouse over your name and organization name available in the top right of your screen.


3. Select Business Settings from the drop-down.

4. Scroll to the Members section and select Groups.


5. Select the



6. Enter a Group name. As a best practice, name your Groups after your Locations within Procurify. Write down the name you've chosen for reference.
Ensure to create a unique group name, group names cannot be duplicated.

7. Select the radio buttons Shared payment methods and Shared addresses, and click the Add Group button. (Please note: the integration will only work if Shared Payment Methods and Share Addresses options are selected.)


  • Wait for Amazon to finish creating the group. Once done, your group has been created.

  • If you're having issues with this part of the setup process, please contact Amazon's support.

Once you've added a group to Amazon PunchOut, you can create a group an Amazon PunchOut group in Procurify.

Still need help?

Check out Amazon's support page, view our Troubleshooting Amazon PunchOut guide, or contact our support team by scrolling to the top of the following web page and selecting Contact Us available at the top right-hand side of the screen.

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