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Troubleshooting Amazon PunchOut
Troubleshooting Amazon PunchOut
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Have you followed the Amazon PunchOut overview page steps but are still having difficulties? This article will help troubleshoot common problems.

How do I use Amazon PunchOut?

Once you've finished setting up Amazon PunchOut for your Procurify domain, please look at How to Request an Order with Amazon PunchOut.

How can I confirm my order was Purchased with Amazon?

Successfully submitted orders will display a "Purchased" status in Procurify next to the line items. If Amazon rejects an order, Procurify will display "Order Cancelled" under the status column.

Hovering over the "Order Cancelled" status will provide additional details on why the order was unsuccessful.

I followed the steps, but I'm unable to use Amazon PunchOut

Ensure you have completed the following:

1. PunchOut Group: Ensure the user(s) have been added to the Amazon PunchOut Group in Procurify. To do this, view the Setting up Groups with Amazon PunchOut and Procurify and Setting up and individual Amazon User Account articles for the step-by-step guide on granting users access to the Amazon PunchOut Group within Procurify.

2. Amazon Business Settings: ensure user(s) have been added to Amazon.

3. Requisitioner & PunchOut User(s): all PunchOut users must be assigned the role of "Requisitioner & PunchOut User," please see our guide on How to Assign Requisitioner & PunchOut User(s) Roles in Amazon

4. Test Mode: Enabling Live orders on Amazon PunchOut will require you to disable Test Mode on Amazon PunchOut Settings. Please follow how to disable Test Mode on Amazon PunchOut to begin making Live orders.

5. Shared Settings: The Payment & Address information should be "shared" to allow all users with PunchOut & requisitioner access to make PunchOut orders. Please see the link on How to adjust Payment & Address settings to Shared on Amazon

I entered my shipping information into Amazon, but it does not show up in Procurify

The shipping address for PunchOut orders is retrieved from shipping addresses in Procurify. While Amazon Business requires a shipping address for account set-up, the shipping address for Procurify PunchOut orders is retrieved from Procurify.

To add a shipping address in Procurify, please see How to Add Shipping Addresses to a Location.

I want to use Amazon PunchOut, but I do not see the Amazon Business domain for my region when walking through the setup steps. Can I still use Amazon PunchOut?

Amazon PunchOut is currently available for Amazon Business customers accessing,,,, and Using Amazon PunchOut outside of these regions will incur international shipping costs. Contact Amazon support if you have any questions regarding international shipping.

Orders are not processing, and I cannot submit items for approval.

  1. Don't close the Procurify window. A pop-up window on the Procurify side must remain open until the request is submitted.

  2. Users are usually prompted to add an Account Code to the PunchOut item before it gets added to the order request. If this page is closed before adding to the request, the order request will not be saved as a draft.

Still need help?

Check out Amazon's support page, or contact our Technical Support team by scrolling to the top of the following web page and selecting Contact Us available at the top right-hand side of the screen.

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