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How to set up PunchOuts
MilliporeSigma PunchOut Overview
MilliporeSigma PunchOut Overview
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What are the Benefits?

  • Your pricing

  • Custom landing page

  • Configurators

  • Product availability

  • Delivery information

    Real-time connection to MilliporeSigma's website & full product portfolio

Setting up an Account with MilliporeSigma:

Important: This PunchOut vendor requires ShipTO IDs. For more details, refer to How to retrieve Shipping Address Identifiers (ShipTO IDs)

  1. Send an email request to [email protected] and CC your MilliporeSigma Account Sales Rep or Account Executive to set up the PunchOut. MilliporeSigma requires a minimum annual spend of $50,000 from customers to qualify for PunchOut features. Please expect up to 4-8 weeks to set up the credentials with MilliporeSigma.

  2. MilliporeSigma will open an Internal Project for tracking and will provide the following PunchOut credentials:

  • From/Credential Domain/ ID

  • To/Credential Domain/ ID

  • Shared Secret/Password

  • Test and Production Purchase Orders URL

  • Note: Do not use the cXML PunchOut URL

Integrating MilliporeSigma with Procurify:

  1. In Procurify, select Settings on the left-hand navigation bar. Only users with Admin access can select Settings and select PunchOut Suppliers.

  2. Select the Set Up or View button under MiliporeSigma PunchOut.

  3. Select

  4. Enter the PunchOut Group name (Will be displayed when the requester selects Supplier Portal. The recommendation is to name the Group by Locations within Procurify).
    โ€‹Ensure to create a unique group name, group names cannot be duplicated.

  5. Select the appropriate PunchOut domain from the drop-down menu.

  6. Fill in the following fields using the information and the credentials provided by MilliporeSigma. Important: Do not use the cXML PunchOut URL in the Purchase Order Request URL field.

  7. If you wish to invite all users to use the PunchOut, click on Edit under Group Access, you can Select All, or to add an individual user, type in the user's name in the search field and click the checkbox beside the user's name to add them) Select Save

  8. Choose the Bill to address and the payment method for the PunchOut orders.

  9. If you do not see a Payment Method option, one must be created; see How to Add Bank and Credit Card Accounts to create a new payment method within your Procurify Domain.

  10. Select Complete integration

Using MilliporeSigma PunchOut: Requesting items

Note - only one PunchOut Supplier can be added to a Request For Order at a time.

  1. Using the Request for Order form, a requester will select the Supplier Portal button.

    • With the MilliporeSigma PunchOut set up, and appropriate access given to the requester, the MilliporeSigma PunchOut option will appear under the PunchOut Suppliers table.

  2. Select a shipping address.

  3. Click the Proceed button in the MilliporeSigma row.

  4. Add items to the MilliporeSigma online cart as usual. When finished, navigate to the cart and click the Submit for approval button.

    • Order item details will be automatically brought back to Procurify.

  5. Choose an account code for each order item, or apply in bulk.

  6. Submit the request for approval.

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