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Unable to import CSV file when making a new Order Request
Unable to import CSV file when making a new Order Request
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Due to customization, your interface text may differ. In this article, we are using the default labels Location and Department. Learn more here.

If you encounter unspecified error occurs when importing Request Items via CSV format, this may be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. The account code does not match the location and/or department.

    • Ensure the account code(s) are assigned to the Location and/or Department you selected. Contact your finance team for your organization's account code details.

  2. Incorrect account code number.

    • Ensure to enter only the code (and not its description). In the order form, account codes are displayed with the description. E.g. "14344 - Marketing" has an account code 14344, and description of Marketing

  3. Going over the character limit.

    • Each field has a limit of 225 characters (except the SKU which has 100).

  4. Special characters.

    • Characters like ™ or µ must be removed.

  5. The vendor name is not in Procurify.

    • Verify that the Vendor exists in Procurify and is entered exactly as it is in Procurify.

  6. Currency error.

    • Currency is not correctly specified or does not exist in Procurify. Check Procurify for the correct currency.

  7. Line item limitations.

    • Limit the import to 75 line items.

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