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How to import Catalog Permissions
How to import Catalog Permissions
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In this article, we refer to the default organizational categories: Location and Department. Due to customization, Location and Department may have unique labeling.

Assigning Department tags is one of the steps in setting up Catalog Permissions. This article covers the steps of assigning department tags by bulk via .csv import.

You must be a Superuser or have access to Settings and Procure permissions to complete the following steps.


Export existing catalog item list

  1. Navigate to the Procure tab

  2. From the dropdown select Product Catalog using the left navigation menu.

  3. Select Export CSV in the top right corner and Save the file to your computer.

Best Practice: Entries for location and department must be an exact match to existing entries in Procurify. We suggest also exporting a list of your departments prior for reference to ensure accurate filling.

Import your catalog item list

  1. Download the .csv import template, by navigating to Settings → Import Data

  2. Locate the Catalog Permissions section and click Download Template.

  3. Copy and paste the list of items from the Product Catalog export to the first column of the import column.

  4. Complete the Location and Department columns by referring to the table below. Ensure to save your file before importing. Note: Use the keyword **ALL** (including asterisks) in the Location or Department fields if you would like to allow catalog access to all Locations and/or Departments.

  5. Import the file by returning to Settings → Import Data

  6. Select Import CSV next to Catalog Permissions

  7. Upload the file and click Import. If there were any errors, make the required changes before re-uploading the CSV.

Ensure to follow all steps in How to set up Catalog Permissions to ensure catalog item access is granted correctly.

Reference Table

  • Ensure there are no special characters in the file such as ™ , µ , ®, ©, {, and }.

  • If using Option 1 in Column B or C, ensure that you enter a single location/department (and not multiple).

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