How to set up Catalog Permissions
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  • Assign Catalog Permissions by user

  • Assign Catalog Permission by Department

  • Filter Catalog items by User

  • Filter Catalog items by Department

The following article outlines how to setup Catalog Permissions by Department. You must be a superuser or have permissions to access Settings and Procure to follow the steps below.

Due to customization, your interface text may differ. In this article, we are using the default organizational categories: Location and Department. Learn more here

The Catalog Permission function can be used to limit catalog items that are available to specific users. When catalog permissions are enabled, catalog items can be restricted by department and users can be granted access to specific department catalogs.


1. Enable Catalog Permissions

Important: When this is toggled on, users immediately lose access to all catalog items. The following steps should be completed immediately to specify and restore item access. If you have an extensive catalog list, you may wish to prepare the .csv import file ahead of time.

  1. Select Settings on the left-hand navigation bar

  2. Select Catalog Item Access

  3. Toggle Catalog Permissions to ON


2. Grant User Access to Departmental Catalog items.

There are two methods to grant user access to department catalog lists.

Option 1: Adding Departments to Users

a. Select the Users tab


b. Type or select the users name from the left panel
c. Select the departments they need access to on the right by clinking the checkboxes.
d. Click Save

Option 2: Adding Users to Departments

a. Select the Departments tab


b. Click the department you wish to add users to on the left panel.
c. Select the users that need access to the department by clicking the checkboxes.
d. Click Save

3. Adding Departmental Tags to Catalog Items

There are two options for assigning department tags to catalog items.

Note: The Import for Departmental tags option can only add department tags to an item. To remove department tags, follow Option 1 for editing department tags on catalog items individually.

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