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How are Budgets allocated in Procurify?
How are Budgets allocated in Procurify?
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Pending requests

Requests pending approval will fall under the Pending Requests section. Pending requests will always impact budgets that include the current/today's date.

  • A Request submitted in 2023 but remains pending approval in 2024 will impact the 2024 budget(s).


Once approved, an Order will fall under the Approved section of the Budget based on the date that the Order was fully Approved.

Billed & Purchased

The Billed and Purchased Budgets will always be allocated to the Budget date when the Original Order Approval occurs. The actual day the Bill is created or paid does impact the Budget allocation. The behavior is the same for expense reports and will move directly to the Purchased Budget once approved.

Exceptions to the Rules

  • Miscellaneous costs, which are added at the Purchase Order creation stage, are added to the Budget based on the day the Bill is created.

  • Items created during Bill Creation (in the Accounts Payable module) will impact the Budget based on the day they were created.

  • See Recurring Spend Management to see how Budgets will be impacted by recurring spend items

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