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Overview of Real-time Budgets (Legacy Budgets)
Overview of Real-time Budgets (Legacy Budgets)
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The following article pertains to Legacy Budgets. See this article for how to identify which version of budgets your domain is currently using.

The Real-time Budgets, located within the bottom left-hand corner of each pending Request, provides Approvers with the tools to review their current Budgets and Committed spend. With the most up to date Budget information, they can be confident in making informed decisions when it comes to approving or denying Pending Requests.

The following article breaks down the areas within the Real-time Budgets so that you know where to find the right info at a glance.

Department Budget


Not to be confused with an Account Code Budget, the top container within this tool will provide you with an overview of the Department's entire Budget information across all of its assigned Account Codes. This can include amounts allocated to other Account Codes that may not be included within the Request you are currently reviewing. It is beneficial to provide an accurate representation of how much the Department does have to work with and whether there are funds available.

Account Code Budget


Below the Department Budget, you will find a section for each Account Code assigned to at least one line item within the Request you are currently reviewing. For the sake of simplicity, we are only working with one Account Code in our example above.

To break things down further, let's take a look at what these numbers mean.

Spend Pipeline


Committed: The combined sum of that is Approved, Purchased, or Billed within the Budget period.
Committing: Committing is the amount that will be moved to Committed and deducted from the Budget if the requested items are approved.
Pending: The cost of Expense and Order Request items that are currently pending approval. Best used for a high-level view of costs coming down the spend pipeline.

Budget Overview


Budget: The amount of your allotted Budget within the current period.
New Committed: This number is a combination of the Committed and Committing amounts.
Remaining: This number will be your remaining Budget after the deduction of the New Committed amount.

Spend Pipeline Bar


The bar itself provides a visual breakdown of the current values. You will also see that there is a marker for the Budget, which indicates how close you are to meeting or exceeding your Budget. The Budget marker moving towards the left on the pipeline indicates that you have exceeded your Budget.

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