How to manage Budgets
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The following article pertains to our new Budgets. See this article for how to identify which version of budgets your domain is currently using.

How do Budgets function in Procurify?

Our budgeting tool allows you to manage and track your organization's spending according to your unique spend management needs.

With budget in Procurify, you can manage budgets by multiple Departments, Account Codes, or a combination. e.g. Track spending for Office Supplies for Engineering and Product teams vs Office Supplies for the Marketing team.

You can also track Budget over repeating fiscal or varying project periods.

Where will Budgets be displayed in Procurify?

Visibility to budgets is controlled by your Superuser/Users with access to Manage Budget Categories in Settings

On the Dashboard

Budgets provide Users with Viewing Access with a Spend Tracker on their Procurify Dashboard:

During Approvals

Users with Viewing Access can view the Spend Tracker to consider the impact of requests against budgets:

Important: The dashboard and approvals spend tracker only displays the current period.

How do Budgets work with Recurring Spend Items?

The budget will be impacted by a specific budget period based on the recurring expense timeline. When an order is approved, it tracks the billable items impacting a specific budget period. e.g. If there is a 12-month $12k contract started in June, the next fiscal year will be allotted the remaining $6k spend.

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