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Recurring Spend Management
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What is Recurring Spend?

Procurify allows you to track and manage recurring spending, e.g. software subscriptions and services.

How does it work?


For recurring order items, you can indicate:

  • The billing date

  • How often it repeats

  • The total length of the recurring spend


Recurring order items display how the item will be billed.


Recurring items can be added to a Purchase Order just like other items. Only a single PO is required for the recurring item.

The item will be automatically marked for auto-receive.

Auto PO customers: The PO will be automatically generated as soon as the request has been approved. Auto-receive will be applied to the item even if the feature is disabled on your domain.


Recurring spend items are automatically received.


Recurring items will generate an unbilled item for each occurence of the billing date. For example, a $1,000 monthly recurring order will generate one unbilled item each month on the billing date. Bill created for these are linked to the purchase order item and will update the budget allocations accordingly.

Accurate budget tracking

The impact of a recurring item is on each of the dates that the item recurs and will impact budgets that contain that date.

Monthly Recurring Spend Example: A spend item ($71.99) starting April 1 2023 and ends after 1 Year.

This will impact the budget for $71.99 per month, starting April 1 2023.

Each Monthly Budget from April 2023 - March 31 2024 will be impacted by $71.99

Annual Recurring Spend Example: A spend item ($700.00) starting April 2023 and ends after 3 years.

Starts April 1 2023 and ends after 3 Years.

This will impact the budget for $700.00 every April, starting April 1 2023

Monthly Budgets for April 2023, April 2024, and April 2025 will each be impacted by $700.00

Other monthly budgets will not be impacted, i.e. from May thru March.

This feature is ideal for recurring order items that are billed on the same date of the month or year for the same amount. For other scenarios, see Blanket Purchase Order Item Overview.

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