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Overall Spend: How to View Spend
Updated over a week ago

Use the Overall Spend report to track your spending on approved Bills by location and department. Due to customization, your interface text may differ. In this article, we are using the default labels Location and Department. Learn more here.

  1. Click the Accounts Payable tab and select Overall Spend under the Spend Reports

  2. Click on a Location/Department that you’d like to view. There will be information on the spent amount in that specific location and department:

  3. Head over to the Account Codes section to filter it by account code. If you click on an Account Code, you will be able to tell what has been spent on each department

  4. You could also filter by date, select Filters at the top of the screen

Additional Information:

  • Users must have access to the Accounts Payable tab to complete the following steps.

  • Click the Account Code tab to filter by account code to see how much is spent against each account code.

  • Click the Filters button to filter by a date range.

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