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How to Update the Location and Department Naming Convention
How to Update the Location and Department Naming Convention
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  • How to Customize Organizational Categories

  • renaming departments to project codes

  • renaming department

  • rename location

  • renaming departments to

The following article outlines how to customize Organizational Categories.

Important: Changing your Organizational Category labels will impact your employee's Procurify experience. Ensure that Category labels match your organization's structure and all users are informed.

Consider the following when creating a new Customized Organizational Category:

  • How you prefer to manage Budgets

  • How roles and permissions are managed in your organization

  • How projects are structured

Examples of different naming conventions:


You must be a Superuser or have custom permission to access Set up & Manage in Procurify Settings to complete the following steps.


  1. Navigate to Settings → Customize Organizational Categories

  2. Enter Primary and Secondary Organizational Categories, both Singular and Plural.

    • Use only alphanumeric characters

    • Categories have a 15-character limit.

  3. Select the Save Category Labels button.

  4. Refresh the page, and verify the update by navigating to Settings.

    • The Customized Organizational Categories will be displayed under the first settings option under Set up & Manage. For example,

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