What is a Superuser?
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The Superuser role is a role designed for administrators in Procurify. Typically, this role is assigned to team members setting up and maintaining the Procurify domain. To learn more about Superuser workflows and relevant articles, review the category Champions & Superusers. This article refers to “Location” and “Department”. Your domain may have different labels due to custom organizational categories.

Superuser Standard Responsibilities:

What Superusers cannot do in Procurify:


  • Currently, Superusers are the only users that can create new locations in Manage Locations.

  • The Superuser role is not modifiable- meaning if you add new locations, the Superuser role will not have the new locations added to their request/procure permissions. To work around this, you must convert the user into a custom role first and add back the Superuser role.

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