How to deactivate users
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  • Remove users that are no longer connected with the company from the active list

  • Deactivate users

  • Disable a user's login

Note: Users with approval permissions must have no pending requests to be deactivated. These pending approvals must be delegated to another approver and approved before the user can be deactivated.

How to deactivate a single user:

  1. Navigate to Settings β†’ Manage Users

  2. Click the 3-dot options button


    to the right-hand side of the applicable user

  3. Choose Deactivate User. This will move the user to the Inactive tab, which you can access from the same page.

How to deactivate users in bulk:

1. Navigate to Settings β†’ Manage Users and click on Export CSV.

2. From your exported CSV, copy and paste the users you wish to deactivate to the Import CSV template.

3. When deactivating, you must input their first and last names and email addresses. Add DEACTIVATE (must be in capital letters) to the Action on Duplicate column.

4. When complete, return to Settings β†’ Manage Users and select Import CSV. Select Browse & Upload CSV.

If completed correctly, you will see a success screen, and your users will be deactivated.

  • If there were any errors, make the required changes before re-uploading the CSV.

  • When a User is "Inactive" the Roles & Permissions tab disappears. Due to this, you cannot use the Import User Role/Permission/Edit until the User is made ACTIVE again.

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