How to update catalog items via imports
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The following article outlines how to update catalog items using a CSV import. Catalog items must have been imported before being updated as per below.


  1. Navigate to Procure β†’ Product Catalog

  2. In the upper right, Click Export CSV

    to retrieve all catalog items.

  3. To download the import template, navigate to Procure β†’ Product Catalog

  4. Click Import CSV and at the bottom, click Download Template

  5. Open the export CSV file and copy and paste all corresponding column data into the import template. Ensure all columns are in order.

  6. Update the data in the columns you would like to change.

  7. Copy and paste the ID column from the export CSV to the import CSV. Do not change the ID number in the ID column (this is the unique identifier for each catalog item).

  8. Save your changes to the import CSV file.

Once you've saved the CSV file, import the file to update the items.

  1. Navigate to Procure β†’ Product Catalog

  2. Click Import Catalog

  3. Click Upload CSV file

  4. Click Import

If there are any errors, the system will generate a CSV that explains any errors in specific rows. Ensure that the required changes are made before re-uploading the CSV.

You have successfully finished the import!

Additional Information:

  • For more details, please review the article How to Import Product Catalog Items

  • The ID Number must be included on the import template, or it will create a duplicate item in the catalog.

  • Upon completion the importer gives a success message which mentions that rows were updated successfully.

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