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How to delete a Product Catalog Item
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  • Permanently deleting a Catalog Item

  • What happens if I delete a Product Catalog Item

  • Am I not able to report on Catalog Items if I delete them?

  • Can I make Catalog Items Inactive?

Deleting a Catalog Item will remove the item from Product Catalog. Requesters will no longer have access to this item in the Catalog when requesting an order.

Existing orders will not be impacted. Items previously requested through the catalog continue to show as a catalog item on order requests, purchase orders, unbilled items.

Important: This is permanent/irreversible.


  1. Select Procure on the left-hand navigation bar

  2. Select Product Catalog

  3. Locate the Catalog Item you wish to remove. Use the Search... field

  4. Select the [...] button visible to the left of the Catalog Item you wish to delete

  5. Select Delete Item

  6. Delete Confirmation message will appear. Select Confirm to complete the action.

Additional Information:

  • Deleting an item will not affect reports or exports. The data (Catalog Items) will still be visible in these reports for future use.

  • It is not possible to delete Catalog Items in bulk

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