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How to bundle Catalog items
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  • Save time by grouping catalog items into bundles

  • Bundle the items together that are often requested and purchased together

  • Ensure accuracy of multi-item bundles

  • Avoid requests containing items from unwanted vendors

You must have access to the Procure module will be able to complete the following steps.


  1. Navigate to Procure → Product Catalog

  2. Click Bundles to see the list of current bundles.

  3. Select the



  4. Enter a Bundle Name and Bundle Description.

  5. From the left-hand side, search for the items that will be included within the bundle, and check the boxes beside the items you'd like to add to the bundle.

  6. On the right, choose the quantity to be ordered for each Catalog Item.

  7. Select the blue Save Catalog Item button.

Once complete, from an Order Request you can select the Bundles tab to see your list of Bundled Items:


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